The continent has had much time to heal, and from the heat of what once used to be the desert, some signs of life have emerged. Though still significantly warmer than other regions, Adar has the occasional scattered foliage as well as a beautiful mosaic of sand bars, allowing wolves to wander miles into the gulf without fear.

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The North Rim

The lush North Rim of the Xisyn sinkhole is more of a lush canyon, sporting hundreds of trees and caves to dwell in. The sides have been worn away from years of rain, making beautiful patterns over the rocky cliff face. Though the terrain can be treacherous to navigate, vines and foliage provide lots of privacy for the multitude of densites that can be found here, complete with a truly epic view of the canyon below.

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Dalv Glad

In the midst of the fledgling oasis that is Adar lies Dalv Glad, an amalgamation of woody patches of palm and strangler fig. These provide not only shelter from the sun, but also produces much needed sustenance for the herbivores of the area, making this a popular gathering spot for prey. For wolves, these nourishing patches are often used as a kind of hospital, as several species of medicinal herbs and mosses grow along the thick vines.

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Eel's Tail River

Eel's Tail River is something of a contradiction; though it bears the shape of a river, it is actually more of a lake, its water trapped in by the sand bars to the north. Over time, the salt has mostly evaporated from the water, leaving this water the purest in the region. The animals within, though native to the sea, have adapted to live within the fresh depths here, and the Tail nourishes the forest that surrounds it.

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Lod'nen Path

Lod'nen Path is actually not singular, but plural: these sand bars stretch out into the Somani Gulf, stretching the border of the territory far into the sea. During high tide, a wolf would be chest-deep in water, but low tide is when the Lod'nen Path truly shines. The bars create hundreds of small pools across their surfaces, capturing fish, oysters, and crabs for any who are patient enough to seek them out—and if a wolf is lucky enough, some say that the saltwater pearls found here bring a year's worth of good fortune.

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