Tiayr is a portion of the northern territories. The landscape varies from cliffs to hills. It is a very hospitable environment despite its cooler temperatures. Nestled on the northeastern corner of the continent, Tiayr is a beautiful, full land that is suitable for hunting and roaming. The long line of cliffs drop to the ocean below.

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Zozyr’s Glory

Ominous cliffs stretch across the Northeastern coast of Anikira. While at first glance they seem unnerving and deadly, they are actually teeming with life. Ledges and slopes provide methods of navigation, and the walls are covered with caves. The sheer wall is named for the legendary wolf Zozyr, one of the wolven gods believed to have formed the island.

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Nyjoro Hills

The widespread hills of Nyjoro coat most of Tiayr and half of Caurus. These hills are bustling with life and vary in size from mere bumps to nearly mountainous mounds. They remain green year round, and the large game of the continent tend to wander the hills, including bison, caribou, and moose.

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Ia'gha Lake

Hidden in a valley of Nyjoro Hills, Ia’gha Lake is slightly southwest of Zozyr’s Glory. The water is chilly year round; it is below sea level and rarely comes in contact with the sunlight. The lake is fed by a small tributary of Nytyte River that snakes through the hills. While the temperature is cold, some fish and water-dwelling critters still survive here.

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Rarizu Overhang

Buried in the walls of Zozyr’s Glory, an inhabitable cavern dangles with the rest. The entrance is shielded with brush and rocks, but the view from the cave is stunning. Wolves can see for miles across the ocean, and the more daring wolves jump from the cliffs to swim in the ocean. The caverns burrow straight into the cliff wall, branching off in various directions. The walls are coarse, indicating that they are fairly recently formed.

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