The Oriens

The Oriens is nestled on the eastern coast of Anikira. It is completely surrounded by the Kinath except for a small portion of the beach and where the mountains meet the cliffs. The temperature is generally mild in the forest, but the mountains are chilly year-round with snow-coated peaks.

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The Kinath

The mountains of The Kinath tower above the rest of Southern Anikira. Dangerous, slick paths lead up to the snow-capped peaks. The range divides the plains from the greenery of the Oriens. Snow remains on the tips around the caves year round. Evergreens are the only trees on the mountains, but large boulders prevent excess erosion.

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Nyspoli's Pool

A fresh water source, Nyspoli’s Pool, is fed by an underground river that trickles through rocks at the base. The water is clear, fresh, and cool. The pool is deep, serving as a home to large fish and other water critters. It is surrounded by a sandy beach and large oak trees. Erosion over the years has exposed tree roots near the water’s edge.

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Zaor Forest

The prided Zaor Forest covers a large portion of the Oriens. There is a variety of trees, including pine, oak, evergreen, and maple. The forest provides shelter to a variety of prey. Nyspoli’s Pool is nestled within its branches. The earth is damp and mossy, and the trees supply constant shade to those who wander within its midst.

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Usklhon Caverns

Within the mountain range known as the Kinath, a cave formed from years of erosion serves as a home for the wolves. This cavern has multiple chambers and can only be accessed by the dangerous slopes of the mountains. From the mouth of the cave, water still pours from the melted snow that has seeped into the mountainside, forming a cascading waterfall that waters the forest trees below.

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The Oriens

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